Cultural Affairs & Performing Arts Advisory Commission


Michelle South Commission Secretary
Ellen Renee Alatsas
Regular Member
Danny ColemanRegular Member
Denise Goldenbaum-WyersRegular Member
Thomas KellyRegular Member
Ray MurphyRegular Member
Nancy PhillipsCouncil Appointed Member
Janna SheimanRegular Member
Megan Uhaze WearRegular Member


The Cultural Affairs and Performing Arts Advisory Commission shall work together with organizations and individuals in the performing arts to encourage and guide the development of cultural activities and performing arts throughout the Township. The Commission should encourage the performance of both professional and amateur groups of all performing arts, such as, but not limited to, drama, dance and music, and shall encourage the development of cultural activities.

Code of Ordinances

Part I, Section 5, Article XX (Amended June 19, 2018 by Ordinance Number 18-023)

Authorized Membership

Not more than nine members to be appointed by the Mayor, with advice and consent from Council, to serve without compensation for a term of one year with extensions as approved by Council. One member of the Cultural Affairs and Performing Arts Advisory Commission shall be appointed by the Council from among the members of the Township Council.

Appointment Authority

Mayor with advice and consent of Council (for not more than 9 members); Council Member (for 1 member)

Authorized Term of Appointment

1 Year, Extensions approved by Council