June 8th Primary      Election Information       

This year, voting will return to normal where voters can choose to vote at the polls or by mail.  This means that voters will not receive a vote-by-mail ballot in the mail unless they apply for one, or if they have requested to always receive a vote by mail ballot "for all future elections."

Voters who remain concerned about contracting COVID-19, or who cannot otherwise get to their poling location, are encouraged to vote by mail for the upcoming June 8th Primary Election.  In New Jersey, any registered voter can vote by mail for any reason.  Voters do not have to be sick, working, or out of town to request a ballot, so this remains a viable option for those who prefer to vote from home.

The deadline to register to vote is May 18th.  A registered voter many apply for a ballot by completing and mailing an easy Vote-By-Mail application by June 1st.  The deadline for walk-in voters is June 7th at 3:00 pm at the Mercer County Clerks Office located at 209 South B road Street, Trenton. 

Also this year, the Mercer County Clerk's Office is offering vote by mail instruction in many languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Chinese, Polish, Urdu, and Haitian Creole.  Check the Mercer County website (www.mercercounty.org/countyclerk) on the Elections page.  To request a Vote-By-Mail application, voters can call 609-989-6494 or email (MercerVotes@MercerCounty.org) and it will be mailed to you.

The Township of Hamilton has three (3) secured drop box locations to ensure all voters will have increased access to drop off their mail-in-ballots without wait times.

All registered voters may utilize any of the three (3) drop boxes at the following Hamilton locations:

  • Hamilton Township Municipal Building, 2090 Greenwood Avenue (West Side Parking Lot)
  • Hamilton Golf Center, 5 Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. Way
  • Nottingham Fire Company, 200 Mercer Street (White structure located to the right of the entrance)


    February 17, 2021 - In conformance with Governor Murphy's Executive Order No. 216 issued on January 25, 2021, candidate petitions and instructions for using the single signature electronic candidate petitions can be found on the New Jersey Division of Elections website under the caption Popular Downloads & Important Dates (nj.gov/state/elections).  Candidate petition filing deadline of April 5, 2021 before 4:00 PM remains unchanged.  If you choose to drop a petition in the municipal red drop box located on the side entrance of the Municipal Building, please call the Clerk's Office at (609) 890-3622 to make us aware that you have placed petitions in the box in order to have them properly date stamped.  Petitions may also be submitted using the USPS or through electronic submission to EGore@Hamiltonnj.com before the above date and time.


Hamilton citizens not only have rights, but also have the responsibility to participate in the system that, in turn, protects their rights, formulates their laws and administers programs for the public good. All Hamilton residents are encouraged to take part in this important process.

Voter Eligibility
You may register to vote if you are a native born or naturalized citizen who is:

  • 18 years of age by election day
  • a resident of Mercer County at least 30 days before an election
  • not serving a sentence or are on parole or probation for an indictable offense under state or federal law
  • not denied the right to vote due to court adjudication of mental incompetence

When should I register?
You may register to vote at any time, however the registration deadline to vote at the next election is 21 days prior to election day.

How Do I Register?
You can register to vote by completing a registration application. This form is available from the Hamilton Township Clerk's Office.

For your convenience, we have made the voter registration application available online. Please note that this cannot be filed electronically - after entering the information, you must print the completed form. Instructions for completing the form are provided on the first page of the application.

If you choose to register by mail, the application must be returned to the Mercer County Superintendent of Elections, 640 S. Broad Street, P.O. Box 8068, Trenton, New Jersey 08650-9828. Please note that if you are a first-time registrant and have never voted in a federal election in Mercer County, you MUST provide either your driver's license number, the last four digits of your Social Security number or a copy of a listed document (see application for instructions) that shows your name and address.

What if I have changed my address or name?
Any voter who moves from one county to another, must register in his/her new county. Any person who changes his/her name by marriage, divorce or judgement of a court must notify the Mercer County Board of Elections via the below form.

What if I want to change my party affiliation?
Any voter wishing to change his/her party affiliation should complete the Application to Register to make this change.

Still Have Questions?
Please contact our office at (609) 890-3622.  


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