Senior  Activities, Clubs & Programs

List of Programs and Descriptions


Ballroom Dancing

A formal type of social dancing for recreational purposes for pair dancers held every Friday from 10:00am-11:00am.

Bocce Ball

An enjoyable game played on our indoor Bocce Court.  The game consists of two players, or two teams or two or four. Played daily.

Board games

Enjoy these activities daily during the Center’s hours. All Board games are available daily. 


Sharpen your skills on one of our four regulation billiard tables available for play all day long.


Bingo is a game where each player utilizes a card(s) marked with a grid containing a unique combination of numbers. The caller continues to select and announce numbers until the first player has a card where the drawn numbers for a specified pattern have been completed and shouts out “BINGO”. Played daily in the AM and Monday and Thursday from 12:30pm-3:00pm.

Card Playing/Canasta/Pinochle

Stop in our card game room and join in a game of canasta, pinochle, etc. on one of our three regulation card tables.

Chair Exercise

A program geared to those who would like to gain the benefits of yoga from the comfort of a chair.  You will do gentle stretches, joint lubrication movements, breath work and guided relaxation.  Great for those who suffer chronic pain form arthritis, fibromyalgia or back problems.  Exercise bands are also used during this class. Class times are listed daily.

Choral Group

Senior members get together weekly and sing the “good old songs”.  They perform approximately 3-4 times per year for special occasions and monthly at adult communities.

Corn Hole

Join in our corn hole game each week as an indoor activity. Fine tune your skills while meeting new friends.


Have fun with your friends while playing this old time tile game.

Educational Classes

Sign up for our educational classes on topics such as creative writing, genealogy, electronic reading devices, scamming and fraud prevention classes, legal topics such as Wills, POA, housing issues, etc.

Fitness Facility

Our exercise room that consist of 3 treadmills, cardio Nu Step, elliptical machine, Chest & Peck machine, leg machine, 2 Recombinant Bike Machines and 1 High-rise Stationary Bike and free weights

  Intergenerational Programs

Participate in our numerous Intergenerational educational and social programs and events. These activities include but are not limited to Robotics educational night, Technology and cell phone training night, Billiard and Bocce tournaments, Intergenerational dances and Proms, etc.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Join us in our well-lite puzzle room to sharpen your motor skills while accomplishing easy or challenging puzzles.

Line Dancing

Line Dancing is a formation dance in which a group of people dance in one or more lines, executing the same movement.  These classes are held every Monday Thursday from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Mah Jong

Participate in this ancient Chinese tile game in our all-purpose room weekly.

Medical/Educational Screenings/ Nurse Evaluation Clinics

Free blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol screenings provided by the Hamilton Township Health Department nurses’ and Educational services provided by Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital ~ Hamilton.

Outdoor Exercise Area

Exercise on our outdoor state of the art equipment centered on an ADA accessible area complete with a rubberized surface for your safety while enjoying the fresh air and serene environment of our beautiful grounds.

Outdoor Serenity Area

Spend some quality outdoor time enjoying the beautiful scenery from our sundeck which features bistro style umbrella tables and chairs and flowering window boxes, all ADA accessible.

Ping Pong

Join a group of participants playing and competing on our two regulation ping pong tables.


Sign up for an appointment with a certified Reiki therapist. Reiki a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. This is a system of natural healing and used to transmit energy through the hands.


Join in playing this fun tile game which combines the elements of rummy and mahjong.


Join in playing this fun educational game for spelling old and new words.

Serenity Quiet Area

Take time out of your busy day to relax and enjoy our serenity area. Gaze at our beautiful large fish tank and waterfalls to help improve mindfulness and inner peace.


Our regulation shuffleboard table is available for playing all day long.

Spinning Classes

Sign up for one of our spinning bicycle classes with a certified personal trainer. Classes to TBA.

Spiritual Wellness

The Spiritual Wellness Group is a bible study, prayer and support group for psychological and spiritual benefits.

Step it up

Follow the aerobic exercise leader in this fun class utilizing stretch bands, exercise balls and weights.

Swimming/Senior Splash Fitness

A Water Fitness program that is a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles which may relieve arthritic pain and stiffness.  Also provides cardiovascular benefits.

TED Talks

Sign up for our monthly educational TED talk topic held in our all-purpose room with a post discussion group session.


Join our certified Yoga Instructor for an hour session of yoga on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Yoga can help with flexibility, balance and mindfulness.

Special Events

Annual Picnic

An annual event filled with food, games, dancing and entertainment.

Bi-Annual Dinner Dances

  Bi-Annual Dances to promote the socialization of seniors in a formal setting.

Special Events

Join us for one of many special events planned throughout the year at the Senior Center. Holiday themed parties, special occasion parties, dancing events, game show/trivia program are an example of this activity.


Trips to various designated locations daily or overnight.



A service that provides daily hot nutritional balanced and appetizing meals to Hamilton Seniors on a daily basis.


Hamilton Township Senior Center provides free transportation for Hamilton Township senior residents 60 years of age and older.  Transportation services are provided within our Hamilton borders and limited areas of our neighboring towns.

Doctor, Labs and Physical Therapy Appointments

The Center will provide transportation for our seniors Monday through Friday from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Advance noticed is needed to arrange your transportation.  Please give the Center as much notice as possible. To arrange transportation please call 609-890-3686.

 Food Shopping

The Senior Center will provide transportation for our seniors that need to go food shopping. The Senior Center has divided the township into section known as routes. Once a senior is assigned to a route the senior will be able to going shopping on that route every week or bi-weekly. The transportation is available Monday through Friday. Advance notice is needed to arrange your shopping route. To arrange for food shopping transportation, please call 609-890-3686.

Mercer County T.R.A.D.E.

Transportation to the Hamilton Township Nutrition Site (Hamilton Senior Center) is provided Monday through Friday by the Mercer County T.R.A.D.E. TRADE also provides transportation services two different levels. The “Subscription Bases” for Mercer County residents is for transportation on an ongoing basis for: Employment, dialysis, nutrition sites, rehabilitation sites, radiation, etc. The “Demand Response” is for transportation to doctor’s, out-patient clinics, beauty parlors, or shopping which are provided on an as-needed basis.  For more information, please call 609-530-1971.

New Jersey Transit’s Access Link Program

NJ Transit’s ADA paratransit program is known as Access Link. For information on applying for the Access Link Program please call 1-800-955-2321.

Greater Mercer County Ride Provide

Greater Mercer County Ride Provide offers our growing population of seniors and the visually impaired transportation services. Eligible Member(s) must be 65 years or older or visually impaired adults of any age who live in Mercer County, Plainsboro or the southern portion of Montgomery Township. To become a member call 609-452-5140 for an application and information packet.


The Senior Center welcomes volunteers as receptionists, group leaders, Advisory Committee members, instructors and assistants for special events. Click here to view our Volunteer Handbook.

Information and Assistance

AARP Tax Assistance

Certified Public Accountants from AARP volunteer their services to assist seniors in yearly income tax preparation.

 Legal Counseling

Legal counseling services are available through the Mercer County Central Jersey Professionals.

Medical Insurance Counselor

Make an appointment with our professionally trained medical counselor to assist you with information and forms regarding medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, PAAD, etc.


Meet with a professional from the Mercer County Office on Aging to assist you in the coordination of state benefit entitlements.


Make an appointment with the Mercer County Surrogate for legal assistance in probating wills and personal information.

 Property Tax Freeze Assistance

Certified Public Accountants from AARP volunteer their services to assist you with completing senior property tax freeze forms.

 Veterans Information

 Stop by our main office for information and assistance on Veteran Entitlements.