Foster Program

Fostering saves lives!

Are you interested in becoming a foster home for the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter?

The Hamilton Township Animal Shelter Foster Program is vital to our mission of saving lives! We are looking for responsible, animal-loving people who are willing to open up their hearts and a little bit of space in their homes for our animals.

To be a foster parent means you will keep and house a shelter pet in your home temporarily. You will be increasing our capacity to care for more animals. For every one animal in foster care, two lives are saved: the animal going into your home and the other animal entering the empty cage. We provide the medical care for foster animals, and you, the foster parent, provide food, water, cat litter, training, socialization and lots of love!

Animals that are in need of a foster home may have special needs, they may be sick or need extra medical attention. Some of our foster candidates are just not doing well in the shelter and need extra tender loving care. During the kitten season, we may need foster homes to care for moms with litters as well as orphaned kittens that need to be bottle-fed.

To sign up to foster to Hamilton Township Animal Shelter, complete a foster application and the shelter staff will contact you.