Advisory Commission on Green Initiatives - Green Team


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Environmental Commission or Green Team please fill out the electronic Citizen Leadership Form.

Theodore "Ted" BuehlerRegular
Cathy WagnerRegular
Patrick NemesRegular
Claudia ShaughnessyRegular
Nicolina Contardo
William WallRegular
Madison MatherCommission Secretary

Hamilton Clean and GreenOverview

The mission of the Hamilton Township Green Team is to improve the environmental, economic and social quality of Hamilton Township by partnering with community, government, organizations and businesses to create a sustainable, clean and safe place to live and work for present and future generations.

The Green Team is a subcommittee of the Environmental Commission that will work to assist Hamilton Township with various sustainability efforts. The subcommittee will consist of members of the Hamilton Township Environmental Commission and may include members of the public appointed by the Mayor, in accordance with the ordinance establishing Hamilton's Green Team.

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