Water Services

Residents and business located in Hamilton Township receive water services from one of two providers: Trenton Water Works (City of Trenton owned water utility) or Aqua NJ (a private, regulated business). As such, the Hamilton Township Municipal Government does not possess authority or jurisdiction over either of these entities.

State & Federal Regulation

In terms of regulation regarding drink quality standards, that occurs at both the State Government level (NJ Department of Environmental Protection) and the Federal Government Level (US Environmental Protection Agency). In terms of the regulation or approval of water rate increases, Trenton Water Works is currently able to enact rate increases by adherence to State Law (by virtue of its charging the same rate to City and suburban town customers), while Aqua NJ, as a private, regulated business, must have rate increases approved by the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

Trenton Water Works Information & Update

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In this section of our website, we list updates and notices regarding Trenton Water Works so that our residents can stay informed.

Emergency & General Alerts

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