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Posted on: August 2, 2023

Hamilton Receives $1 Million for New Ladder Truck

Mayor Martin, State Legislators, and Fire leadership out front of Fire HQMayor Jeff Martin joined with State Senator Linda Greenstein, Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, Assemblyman Daniel Benson, Council President Chuddy Whalen, Councilman Pat Papero, and Fire Chief Christopher Tozzi last week to announce the receipt of $1 million in State Budget funding for the purchase of a new ladder truck for the Hamilton Township Fire Division in order serve the community better. 

The new ladder truck, funded partly by the State budget funding of $1 million, will replace a 2005 E-One Ladder truck with 106,000 miles on it. The 2005 truck will serve as a reserve vehicle as a backup to the ladder trucks in service. Over two years ago, Hamilton finally consolidated nine separate Fire Districts into 1 Municipal Fire Division.  In that time, the Township has seen how busy Hamilton’s Fire service is, especially its ladder trucks.   

“Linda, Wayne, and Dan have been at the forefront in supporting this fire department. They delivered with a million-dollar check for a brand-new ladder truck. We saw that need far more than ever just up the road from the fire headquarters at the Whitehead Road fire, how important it is to have proper working ladder trucks and enough ladder trucks in Hamilton to protect our community,” commented Mayor Jeff Martin.  

 “We’re lucky to have some of the best firefighters here in Hamilton – but how well they’re able to do their jobs, to keep us safe, depends on the functionality of their tools,” said Senator Linda Greenstein. “I’m so pleased that we were able to secure this funding in this year’s State Budget because it’s a matter of public safety. This appropriation of a million dollars will go towards the purchase of a new ladder truck, so that these men and women are able to respond in those moments where we need them most,” commented Senator Linda Greenstein. 

“I am proud to help make sure that Hamilton is safe because of the funding we secured in the State's budget. It is important that we keep Hamilton's fire department up to date with new equipment so that firefighters can respond to emergencies in the best way possible. Adding a new ladder fire truck to the roster will help the now consolidated fire division improve their response to emergencies throughout the Township. We want to make sure that everyone has the peace of mind that they deserve, knowing a firefighter has the right tools to keep them safe,” stated Assembly Wayne DeAngelo. 

“I was proud to support our effort to secure $1 million dollars in this year’s budget for a new ladder truck at the Hamilton Fire Division. This sizable investment in Hamilton’s safety infrastructure is important to ensuring the effectiveness of our community’s fire service and the safety of its residents and first responders. Ladder trucks are an essential tool in a large town like Hamilton who responded to over 6,500 calls for service last year alone,” said Assemblyman Dan Benson. 
Mayor Martin speaking at a podium in front of a fire truck

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