2090 Greenwood Avenue
Hamilton, NJ 08609

P.O. Box 00150
Hamilton, NJ 08609



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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
8:30 am to 4:15 pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays
8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Closed on Weekends and Holidays

Name Title Email Phone
Callahan, Bill Construction Official, Superintendent of Inspections 609-890-3673
Crea, Julie Clerk 609-890-3668
Kukoda, Christine Technical Assistant to the Construction Official 609-890-3649
Mather, Madison Clerk 609-890-3667
Ranallo, Rylie Clerk 609-890-3666

Building Inspection 
Link: Building Inspection Page

Name Title Email Phone
Hawrylak, Eugene Building Inspector 609-890-3671
Mullen, Tom Building Sub Code Official 609-890-3872
Williams, Justin Part-Time Building Inspector  

Electrical Inspection 
Link: Electrical Inspection Page

Name Title Email Phone
Binder, Chris Electrical Sub-Code Official 609-890-3889
Esposti, Paul Electrical Inspector 609-890-3822
Pownall, Joseph Electrical Inspector 609-890-3832
Smith, John Part-Time Electrical Inspector  
Zurella, Anthony Part-Time Electrical Inspector  

Fire Inspection 
Link: Fire Inspection Page

Name Title Email Phone
McCormick, Scott Part-Time Fire Sub Code Official 609-890-6927, ext. 1051
McElroy, Kevin Fire Inspector 609-890-3662

Plumbing Inspection 
Link: Plumbing Inspection Page

Name Title Email Phone
Aaronson, Timothy Plumbing Inspector 609-890-3663
Bradbury, Lee Senior Plumbing Inspector 609-890-3899
Dobo, Norm Plumbing Sub Code Official 609-890-3664
Miller, Ron Plumbing Inspector 609-890-3663