How do I get rid of brush?

Brush from routine yard clean-up is picked up by Public Works as part of the residential brush program. We do not schedule for brush collection; this is an automatic collection between the months of January through October. Brush must be in regulation (see the following rules). Pick-up time can vary depending on extenuating circumstances.

Regulations for curbside pick up: Brush must be cut in 4-foot lengths and tied and bundled in bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds or in open containers with handles (no recycling buckets) weighing no more than 50 pounds (no bags).

Also, residents can drop off brush and leaves at the Ecological Facility. If the materials are brought to the Ecological Facility in a trailer that is larger than 4 feet by 8 feet, there is a charge.

Charge is based on yardage and material.

Please note: If there is a weather event resulting in trees/branches falling, the regulations are waived. However, this is an extenuating circumstance, which can delay all brush pick up.

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