How do I apply for a Certificate of Approval (Occupancy) for my residence?

Prior to any change in occupancy of any house, hotel, dwelling, dwelling unit, rooming house, rooming unit, boardinghouse, motel, apartment unit or premises which is used, partially used or intended to be used for human occupancy, a certificate of approval shall first have been obtained from the office of Housing Inspections, stating that the building and premises comply with the requirements of the Township ordinances. In the case of a hotel or motel, this section shall only apply in those cases involving permanent, rather than transient, residence.

You may complete change of occupancy applications using our Change of Occupancy Application Portal or by filling out the below documentation and submitting to the Office of Housing Inspections.

To help prepare for your change of occupancy inspection you may refer to our Change of Occupancy Checklist (PDF).

Change of Occupancy Applications

Steps to apply for a Sale or Rental Certificate of Occupancy online

  1. Go to the Housing and Landlord Compliance Citizen Portal.
  2. There is no need to create an account. Select "Change of Occupancy" and follow the rest of the steps to submit your payment and application.

You may also access paper documents to print out on the 'Housing Inspection and Landlord Compliance' page. They are listed under "Related Documents." You can access the following documents:

  • Change of Occupancy Checklist
  • Change of Occupancy Application (for sales and rentals)
  • Landlord Rental Unit and Landlord License Application
  • Vacant Property Registration Application

All major violations shall be corrected. Buyers may sign for minor violations and all outside work shall be corrected within nine months of signing for the violations. In a case of a rental property, all violations shall be corrected prior to issuance of any Certificate of Approval.

Note: It is important to note that the inspection by the Township of Hamilton is only a preventive maintenance type of inspection, and it does not take the place of a more detailed inspection that the owner or prospective buyer may wish to have performed by a private inspection company.

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