Where are the leaf drop off locations?

The Drop Off locations are only available in the Fall.

If you do not wish to wait for collection, you may drop off your leaves at one of the convenient drop off locations from October 17th to December 9th, or at Hamilton's Ecological Facility on Kuser Road. The Ecological Facility is open daily Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 3:30 pm with the exception of holidays.

Contractors are prohibited from using these drop off sites.

Drop off sites:

  • Pearson House on Hobson Avenue
  • Shady Brook Park - Ruth Avenue
  • Kuser Park off of Newkirk Avenue
  • Public Service-Right-of-Way-Hamilton Avenue and Donald Drive
  • Bromley Park - Hollywood Drive
  • Whitehead Manor Park - Whitehead Road - off Fifth Avenue
  • Cornell Heights Playground - Amherst Avenue
  • Warwick Park-off Quakerbridge Road - end of lot
  • George Dick Field - Wegner Avenue (HGSA)
  • Estates Boulevard and Shady Lane
  • Flock Road at dead end
  • Switlik Park (near batting cages)
  • Nottingham Little League
  • Dead end of Estates Boulevard by Great Oak Road
  • Drialo Playground off Yardville-Allentown Road
  • Dead end of Paddock Road off of Corral Drive

Bags must be emptied.

No debris or branches. Violators will be prosecuted under Illegal Dumping ordinance Number 73-2.

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