Does the Senior Center offer any trips?


Atlantic City

Between March and November the center runs a trip to a different casino. Flyers for each monthly trip will be on the "Trip" table across from the Dining Room approximately one month before the date of the trip. The cost is usually under $20 per person.

Dinner Theaters

The Center arranges trips to different Dinner Theaters throughout the year. These Dinner Theaters are usually held at lunchtime. Departure from the center is in the morning and you usually return late afternoon or early evening. All flyers will be on the "Trip" table across from the Dining Room. The cost of these trips will vary depending on the location and theater.

Shuttle Bus

On occasion, the center will run trips to various places during Spring and Summer. Shuttle bus transportation is free, only expenses incurred would be for lunch, shopping, etc. Flyers will be on the "Trip" table across from the Dining Room. Each trip is limited to 20 seniors, so they fill up fast.

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