Are you investigating any alternatives to your current anti-icing/deicing materials?
  • Yes. We are always looking for ways to do things better and more cost effectively. Anti-icing with Liquid salt (brine) is an example of this.
  • We are investigating the use of chemical blends using different chlorides and in some cases other products like agricultural byproducts (sugars).
  • This year we will be using beet juice to enhance our liquid chemical applications for anti-icing/pretreating our roadways. Beet juice is not a good ice-melter, however, it is excellent for pretreating roads as its freezing point is well below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Beet juice is a natural corrosion inhibitor.
  • When we apply liquid chemicals for pretreating our roads, we will be using a blend of liquid salt, liquid calcium chloride and beet juice.
  • We are currently investigating the use of different types of plow blades such as rubber, polyethylene, composites and segmented blades, etc.
  • This year we will be using wing plows on our loaders, some trucks and large landscape tractors. This will allow a truck to plow wider road widths. In some cases, one truck will do the work of two.

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1. Are you investigating any alternatives to your current anti-icing/deicing materials?
2. Do you have any tips for dealing with winter snowstorms?
3. How do you track the plowing and salting trucks so you know where they are and how much work has been done?
4. How long does it take to spread salt on the Township roads?
5. How many vehicles do you use for snow plowing?
6. How much snow must fall before you begin snow plowing operations and what roads get plowed first?
7. What can I do to help keep my driveway clear of snow?
8. What if I am a dialysis patient and need to get to the hospital?
9. What if I have a medical emergency and I cannot get out of my street?
10. What is the liquid that dump trucks with large tanks in their truck bodies are spraying on the roadway prior to a storm arriving?
11. What is the Township Winter Storm Response Policy?
12. When do you apply salt to the roadways?
13. Who should I call for snow plowing if the road is a State or County road?
14. How long do I have to clear my sidewalk after a snow storm?
15. The snow plow damaged my mailbox/curb, what do I do?