Environmental Health Services

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To file an official complaint, contact HAMStat at 609-586-0311.

The staff in the Environmental Health Section of the Division of Health can assist residents in answering questions and complaints pertaining to septic, well, air, water pollution and noise control. Additionally, the following services are provided:

  • Inspection and licensure is required for all retail food establishments which includes: stores, hospitals, nursing homes, mobile food vendors, food preparation facilities, schools, churches, firehouses, child care centers, senior citizen centers, and vending machines to ensure compliance with NJ.A.C. 8:24 "Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines." (PDF) 
    • If you are planning to operate a Retail Food Establishment in Hamilton Township please contact us at 609-890-3828 or via email environmental@hamiltonnj.com for retail food establishment plan review application, retail food license application, and fee schedule.
  • Inspection and licensure is required for all public recreational bathing facilities in the community to ensure compliance with the New Jersey Public Recreational Bathing Code (N.J.A.C. 8:26). 
    • If you are planning to operate a public recreational bathing facility in Hamilton Township please contact us at 609-890-3828 or via email environmental@hamiltonnj.com  for plan review forms, license application, and fee schedule.
  • Inspection of Youth Camps and Tanning Salons. To apply for a Youth Camp or Tanning Salon License, contact the New Jersey Department of Health at 609-826-4941 or 609-826-4943.

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Restaurant & Food Establishment Safety Ratings

As part of Hamilton Township's continuing commitment to protect consumer health and safety, the division maintains a database with the food safety inspection results for all township restaurants and establishments that serve/provide food.

Instructions for using the database:

  1. Before using the database, please review important Disclaimer Information and Rating Definitions.
  2. Once you access the database portal, select "Food Retail Establishment Inspection" in "Business Category"
  3. Either select "Search" to view all establishments in the database or enter an establishment name or address to search for a specific establishment.

For more information and fee schedules, please contact the Hamilton Township Division of Health at 609-890-3828.