Traffic Unit

This unit is responsible for overseeing a wide variety of duties ranging from crash investigations including serious and fatal crashes, work zone safety, and concentrated radar and traffic law enforcement.

The unit is also responsible for applying for traffic-related grants and dispersing funds for drunken driving enforcement, seatbelt enforcement, and distracted driving.

Officers are trained in work zone safety for road construction projects to ensure the safety of all roadway users and workers through enforcement of federal guidelines, state and local laws, and ordinances.

Other responsibilities include hiring and training the Township's School Traffic Guards.

Our two motorcycle officers are certified through Philadelphia Highway Patrol and Northwestern University's training program and receive annual recertification in safe and proper riding techniques. Our motorcycles are utilized for special events, escorts, and traffic enforcement.

Other responsibilities of the Traffic Unit include:

  • Attend pre-construction meetings for future road work to ensure compliance with standards, laws, and ordinances
  • Assign radar locations for targeted enforcement
  • Assign locations for targeted traffic law enforcement
  • Issue Handicapped placards
  • Mark out residential handicapped parking spaces
  • Plan parade routes and neighborhood events
  • Train and maintain radar certification for the department's officers
  • Funeral escorts
  • Deployment of the portable radar trailers

If you have any traffic concerns or questions, or are interested in applying to be a School Traffic Guard, please contact the Traffic Unit.