Road Repairs

Hamilton Township Department of Public Works Truck

In the picture, a Hamilton Township Department of Public Works crew is shown milling a local road, as part of an in-house capital road repair project.

Capital Road Projects - Public Works Road Division and Engineering Awarded Contract Projects

RoadRepair AreaPhaseApproximate Project Date (for Phase)
AAA DriveRoute 130 to Marlen DriveUnder ConstructionMay 2023
Applegate DriveHouse #178 to Mercer StreetConcrete WorkCompleted July 2022
Burtis AvenueNottingham Way to Coleman RoadConcrete Work
Completed July 2022
Clarendon AvenueYardville-Allentown Road to Carlisle AvenueCompletedApril 2023
Cypress LaneI-295 Overpass to Whitehorse-Mercerville RoadUnder ConstructionMay 2023
East State Street Extension (Engineering Contract)Nottingham Way to I-295 OverpassApproved by CouncilSpring/Summer 2023
Evelyn AvenueBucknell Avenue to Dead EndCompletedMay 2023
First AvenueWhitehead Road to Assunpink BoulevardConcrete WorkApril 2023
Holmes Avenue (Engineering Contract)South Olden Avenue to Rotunda DriveUnder ConstructionMarch 2023
Homestead AvenueSouth Broad Street to South Clinton Avenue
Concrete WorkCompleted July 2022
Industrial Drive (Engineering Contract)Whitehead Road to Service GateUnder ConstructionApril 2023
John CourtCarlisle Avenue to Cul-de-sac
Concrete WorkCompleted July 2022
Julia Avenue (Engineering Contract)Lalor Street to Dead EndUnder ConstructionMay 2023
Lamont Avenue (Engineering Contract)Klockner Road to Dead EndUnder ConstructionMarch 2023
Lisa CourtCompton Way to Dead EndConcrete WorkMay 15, 2023
Maitland RoadElton Avenue to Elton AvenueConcrete WorkCompleted July 2022
Marshall Avenue (Engineering Contract)Lalor Street to Barnt Deklyn RoadUnder ConstructionMay 2023
Montana AvenueKlockner Avenue to East State Street ExtensionApproved by CouncilN/A
Municipal Library Parking LotsPatron and Employee LotsStriping and Sign ReplacementApril 8, 2023
Murray Avenue (Engineering Contract)Route 156 to Manor BoulevardUnder ConstructionMay 2023
Nalbone CourtDead End to Cul-de-sacCompletedMarch 2023
North Crest AvenueNottingham Way to Coleman RoadConcrete WorkCompleted April 2022
Patterson AvenueSouth Olden Avenue to McGrath AvenueConcrete WorkMarch 2023
Prospect Avenue (Engineering Contract)Various SectionsConcrete Restoration OnlyApril 2023
Sam's WayOld York Road to Nalbone CourtCompletedMarch 2023
Sandalwood Avenue (Engineering Contract)Sweetbriar Avenue to Bucknell AvenueCompletedApril 2023
Shelley LaneSunset Boulevard to Matthew DriveApproved by CouncilSpring/Summer 2023
South Clinton Avenue (Engineering Contract)ADA Ramp Construction:
Cedar Lane to I-295 Overpass
Under ConstructionMay 2023
Third AvenueWhitehead Road to Assunpink BoulevardConcrete WorkApril 2023
Thomas J. Rhodes Industrial Drive (Engineering Contract)Youngs Road to Nami LaneCompletedApril 2023

Crack Sealing/Cut-out/Spot Paving Road Projects - Division of Roads

Repair Area
Scope of Work
Approximate Project Date
Agress CourtVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Anita WayVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Arbor AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Ashford DriveVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Billington RoadVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Briner LaneVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Bruno CrescentVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Bucknell AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Carl Sandburg DriveVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Carlisle AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Chewalla BoulevardVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Constance DriveVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
East Brown StreetVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Edgemont RoadVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Elkton AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Estates BoulevardVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Fetter AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Fitzrandolph AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Fox LaneVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Lehigh AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Mario DriveVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023
Vetterlein AvenueVariousCrack SealingFebruary 2023

Other - County/Utility Company Road Projects (Mercer County DOT, PSE&G, Aqua Water, Trenton Water Works, Verizon, Optimum, etc.)

Repair Area
Scope of Work
Approximate Project Date
Aqua WaterImperial Drive, Ryerson Drive, Whatley RoadWatermain ReplacementOctober 2022
Aqua WaterColeman Road, Denise Drive, North Crest AvenueWatermain ReplacementOctober 2022
Aqua WaterHughes Drive (Mercer Street to Applegate Drive area)Watermain ReplacementApril 2023
Aqua WaterApplegate Drive, Bernath Drive, Cardiff LaneWatermain ReplacementApril 2023
Aqua WaterSycamore WayRestoration (from Watermain Project)April 17, 2023
Mercer County DOTChambers Street (CR 626) from Cedar Lane to South Broad StreetMilling and ResurfacingSeptember 28 to October 5, 2022
New ConstructionMisty Meadow Lane (truck traffic will affect D'Arcy Avenue, Fletcher Avenue, Haslach Avenue, and Ward Avenue during construction)Base PavingApril 2023
PSE&GKuser Road from Estates Boulevard to Whitehorse-Mercerville RoadMilling and PavingApril 10, 2023
PSE&GSouth Olden Avenue from Old Olden Avenue to Estates BoulevardMilling and PavingApril 11, 2023
PSE&GWhitehorse-Mercerville Road (including the intersection with Kuser Road) from Kuser Road to approximately 1220 Whitehorse-Mercerville RoadMilling and PavingApril 11, 2023