Hamilton Alliance Programs

Senior Sense Program

This program focuses on at risk behavior of older adults concerning their use of medications and alcohol.

Elementary Prevention Services

This service provides educational programs that empower children with life skills to resist the threats of alcohol.

Alcohol Awareness / Fatal Vision

This program is designed to help motivate young people to avoid using alcohol and to teach them the skills they need to understand and resist social influences to use.

Willow Tree Middle School Prevention Clubs

This program's purpose is to educate a core group of students to then pass information along to their classmates regarding the dangers of underage drinking.

Safe Prom / Graduation Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to focus on problem drinking and the negative consequences that can occur with underage drinking, binge drinking, and drunk driving and to reduce the number of alcohol related fatalities during prom and graduation time.

Community Awareness, Resources & Education Services

The alliance will provide community education and referral services.

Parents Who Host Lose the Most

This program provides parents with tools to educate their peers about the legal, health and safety issues associated with allowing anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol at parent hosted parties.