Township Parks

Public Works is responsible for the daily grounds maintenance and upkeep of approximately 62 parks throughout our community.

Park Reservations

Please contact the Municipal Clerk's Office to reserve a park for a special event. 

Please contact the Division of Recreation to learn about reserving a picnic area

List of Township Parks

Construction Notice - Drialo Park - Week of August 2, 2023

Please be advised construction activity in the park has begun. Please pardon the park's appearance during this capital improvement project.

Amherst (Cornell Heights) Park

Located on Amherst Avenue, between Vetterlein Avenue and Sandalwood Avenue, this 5.07 acre park features two tennis courts, a basketball court, a softball field, a newly installed age 5-12 children's activity center, smaller activity centers, benches, and tables.

Anchor Thread Park

Located on Main Street in the Groveville section of Hamilton, this 3.25 acre park sits on the grounds of the former Anchor Thread Mill and borders Crosswicks Creek. The park was converted into a passive recreation destination and features walking paths, benches, a historic gazebo, and a canoe launch at the creek access point.

Apollo Park

Located on Apollo Drive between Yardville-Hamilton Square Road and Argonne Avenue; the 2.25 acre park features a large children's activity center, multiple smaller play units, picnic tables, benches, and three tennis courts available for public use.
View of Bromley Park from the East State Street entrance showing the activity centers & futsal field

Bromley Park

Accessed from either Hollywood Drive or East State Street, this 6.82 acre park features two basketball courts, children's activity centers, a youth football field, and an enclosed and poured-in-place futsal field.

Bunting Avenue Park

Located at 100 Bunting Avenue, this 8.38 acre park features a large children's activity center and a multipurpose grass athletic field with a concession stand.
Interior view of the activity center at Connecticut Avenue Park.

Connecticut Avenue Park

Located on Connecticut Avenue, between Walnut Avenue and Greenwood Avenue, this 1.08 acre park was recently renovated to include a new poured-in-place children's activity center. Walking paths and benches are also featured in the grounds.

Interior view of D&#39Arcy Park showing benches and the poured-in-place activity center.

D'Arcy Avenue Park

Located on the 100 block of D'Arcy Avenue, this .80 acre park features a poured-in-place children's activity center, swings, benches, and tables.
View of the swing set, activity center, and basketball court at Drialo Playground.

Drialo Playground

Located on Drialo Drive near Makefield Circle North, this 6.40 acre park features ample open space, a baseball field, a basketball court, swings, a children's activity center, and benches.
Interior view of the activity center, chess table, and tennis courts at the Dwier Center.

Dwier Center Playground

Located on the grounds of the Ray Dwier Center (392 Church Street), this 1.69 acre playground features two tennis courts, a children's activity center, and a chess table.

Eagle Park

Nestled on .24 acres of space on Lola Way, between Field Avenue and Berg Avenue; Eagle Park is passive recreation parcel created by an area boy scout as part of an eagle scout project.

View of the park from Kendall Road showing the sign, activity centers, and basketball court.

Endicott (Lollypop) Park

Located on Endicott Road, between Kendall Road and Albemarle Road, this 3.80 acre park features children's activity centers, swings, tables, benches, and a basketball court. In 2022, a pollinator garden (web link) was planted on the grounds in conjunction with the Environmental Commission and area residents to assist with the health of the ecosystem for native pollinators.
View from the interior of the park showing the swing sets and basketball courts.

Farmingdale Park

Located on Nottingham Way, between East State Street and Rosalia Avenue, this 1.70 acre park is home to two basketball courts, children's activity centers, swings, benches, and tables.
View of the park from the Mercer Street side.

Bernard Foley Park

Located in the heart of Hamilton Square, at the intersection of Mercer Street and Nottingham Way, this .11 acre park is dedicated to the men and women of Hamilton Township who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. A walking path lined with ornamental flowers and growth leads visitors to a stone memorial that is adorned with plaques paying tribute to the Town's fallen heroes. 
Informational sign about the dedication of Franciamore Garden.

Franciamore Garden

Small, yet elegant, Franciamore Garden is located on the corner of Tuttle Avenue and Austin Avenue and is dedicated to a local World War II veteran who served our community with distinction.
View of the activity centers, swings, and rain garden within George Dye Park.

George Dye (Hamilton Square) Park

Located on George Dye Road, between Carl Sandburg Drive and Estates Boulevard, this 4.08 acre park features children's activity centers, swings, a chess table, and a rain garden (web link), which assists in storm water management practices within our community.

Gropp's Lake

Gropp's Lake is located in the Yardville section of town, adjacent to Lakeside Boulevard and South Broad Street. Fishing by shoreline or boat (with motor restrictions) is permitted. Parking is available on the dockside (accessed from Lakeside Boulevard) or the shoreline (accessed from South Broad Street).
View of the park from Cornflower Road.

Highlands Tot Lot (Cornflower Road)

Located on Cornflower Road in the Highlands neighborhood, this .18 acre park features poured-in-place activity centers, swings, and benches.
Fenceline view of the Kristopher Drive tot lot.

Highlands Tot Lot (Kristopher Drive)

Located on Kristopher Drive in the Highlands neighborhood, this .56 acre park features a large, poured-in-place activity center and benches.

Homedell Park

Situated on 1.83 acres of grounds at a retired school between East Franklin Street and Scully Avenue, Homedell Park features two children's activity centers and ample open space.

Kuser Farm Park

Located at 400 Newkirk Avenue, this historic property is the home to one of the town's oldest and most historic landmarks - the Kuser Mansion. Amongst the 21.5 acres of grounds, residents and guests can enjoy walking paths, children's activity centers, and historical features, such as: clay tennis courts, a decorative fountain, lawn bowling, and a gazebo. In December, the park also hosts Hamilton's Annual Winter Wonderland Christmas festival.

Limewood Park

Located on Limewood Drive, between Red Cedar Drive and Estates Boulevard, this 6.79 acre park features ample open space and children's activity centers. Currently, in conjunction with local non-profit Joey's Little Angels (web link), a construction project is ongoing to build an inclusive activity center for children with special needs.
McClellan Avenue Park - walking paths; view from the street.

McClellan Avenue Park

Located on McClellan Avenue, between Rowan Avenue and Buchanan Avenue, the park features passive recreational opportunities for guests.
Ground level view of the activity center - Municipal Building Park.

Municipal Building Playground

Located to the rear of the Municipal Building (2090 Greenwood Avenue), this playground features a basketball court, soccer fields, and an accessible and inclusive children's activity center.
View of the park from Village Drive East corner.

Papp's Village Playground

Located at the intersection of Village Drive East and Bear Court, this 1.51 acre park features children's activity centers, swings, and benches.
View of the park from Estates Boulevard.

Periwinkle Park

Located on a 1.03 acre tract, the park is located between Periwinkle Lane and Estates Boulevard and features children's activity centers, swings, a basketball court, benches, and tables.
View from Mercer Street of the Sayen Garden welcome sign.

Sayen Gardens

Located at the intersection of Hughes Drive and Mercer Street (155 Hughes Drive), this 34.46 acre botanical garden is home to a beautiful landscape, walking trails, ponds and fountains, and the historic Sayen House (web link).
Ground level view from Brook Lane of the open fields.

Schroeder Field (Brook Lane Park)

Located at the end of Brook Lane, Schroeder Field is currently undergoing a renovation. Formerly home to the Hamilton P.A.L. youth baseball league, the grounds have since seen the baseball fields removed, with plans being considered for the conversion to youth soccer fields.
View from the main path of the fountain, tennis courts, and activity center - Sharps Lane Park.

Sharps Lane Park

Located at 335 Sharps Lane, this 12.8 acre park features tennis courts, multiple children's activity centers, benches, tables, and a decorative fountain.

Snell-Wilkus Park

Located at 655 Pitman Avenue, Snell-Wilkus Park is dedicated to the memory of two Hamilton servicemen who served during the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts after 9/11. The park features a memorial to Mr.'s Snell and Wilkus, as  well as six tennis courts, four basketball courts, a children's activity center, tables, and benches.
View from the bleachers of Ralston Field at Snell-Wilkus Park.

Snell-Wilkus Park: Ralston Field/Hamilton Little Lads Complex

Located within the 34.65 acre park are two youth sports complexes: Ralston Field (football) and Hamilton Little Lads (baseball). Access to these parts of the park complex are from Ruth Avenue, Samdin Boulevard, and Irvington Place.

View of the park from the parking lot.

Sunset Manor Park

Located on Century Way, between Phaeton Drive and Sun Valley Road, this 4.57 park is currently undergoing renovations. Due to drainage concerns, the children's activity center was removed and in its place native species of trees were planted to assist with those drainage concerns. A new, poured-in-place activity center will be installed in a different location within the park to replace the older unit.

Switlik Park

Located at 55 Fisher Place, this 18.77 acre park is home to the Hamilton Babe Ruth baseball team, which is the founding member of the nationwide sports organization. The park also features an enclosed pavilion, children's activity centers, and ample open space.
View of the tank and the patriotic brick walkway at the East Entrance.

Veterans Park - East Entrance

Accessed from Yardville-Hamilton Square Road, this entrance to the park is dedicated to the Army. Access to the patriotic brick walkway is located at this entrance. Walking paths and the stages of the park's fitness equipment can be accessed from this location.

Veterans Park - North Entrance

Accessed from Klockner Road (across from Steinert High School), this park entrance is dedicated to the Air Force. Amenities available and accessible from this entrance include: the park's formal gardens and fountains, a large, inclusive children's activity center, many smaller activity centers, a pavilion, a comfort station, and walking paths that connect throughout the entirety of the park. In addition to these amenities, the Town's 9/11 Memorial is located near the entry/exit.
Ground level view of the inclusive children&#39s activity center - North Entrance of Veterans Park.

Veterans Park - North Entrance (Inclusive Children's Activity Center)

Veterans Park - South Entrance

Accessed from Kuser Road, near Hempstead Road, this entrance of the park is dedicated to the Marines. Many of the main recreational activities and features of the park are housed here. DeMeo Field (baseball), McGlone Field (softball), Cowell Field (soccer), and Kater Field (soccer) are all located in this section of the park.

The Abbott tennis complex (and now pickleball) is accessed from this entrance to Veterans Park. 

The South Entrance to the park also features the community's dog parks (small and large dogs), the Wall of Champions (which honors local sports teams), the roller hockey rink, the skate park, the senior pavilion, and the outdoor special needs exercise complex.

Veterans Park - South Entrance (Tennis Center)

Veterans Park - South Entrance (Dog Park)

Veterans Park - South Entrance (Cowell Field)

Veterans Park - South Entrance (DeMeo Field)

Veterans Park - South Entrance (Hockey Rink and Skate Park)

Veterans Park - South Entrance (Senior Pavilion)

Street view of the West Entrance to Veterans Park.

Veterans Park - West Entrance

Accessed from Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road (near the RWJ Campus), this entrance to the park is dedicated to the Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and Navy. This entrance is used as the primary access point for the walking paths for Martins Lake, which also connect to the entirety of the park's pathway network.
View from field one&#39s bleachers of both fields at Warwick Park.

Warwick Park

Located at 3080 Quakerbridge Road, this 12.85 acre park features a comfort station and two softball fields available for rent through the Division of Recreation (web link).

West Acres Park

This 5 acre park, located at the end of Old Post Lane, features benches, tables, two children's activity centers, and ample open space.
Ground level view from Fourth Avenue of the children&#39s activity center - Whitehead Park.

Whitehead Park

Accessed by either Fifth Avenue or Fourth Avenue (near Assunpink Boulevard), this 1.10 acre park features a large children's activity center, swings, benches, and ample open space.