Park Memorial Trees, Plaques & Benches

Memorial Trees

There are a couple of ways to go about donating a tree/plaque in a loved one's name. You can contact Tom Everett in the Parks Department by calling 609-775-7314 to discuss the following options.

  1. The donor must supply the plaque and tree, unless a tree is currently available without a plaque; or
  2. The donor can purchase a tree themselves and have the tree delivered to Veteran's Park Greenhouse Complex and Public Works will plant it in the park. Before buying the tree, you must confirm with Tom Everett that the type of tree you purchase will thrive in the area that it is to be planted in the park.

Memorial Bench

The cost to donate a Memorial Bench is typically several hundred dollars depending on available prices at that time. Donor supplies the plaque. Memorial benches and sites also require prior approval. Please Contact Tom at 609-775-7314 if interested.

Plaques for Trees/Benches

Trees 4 inches by 6 inches and Benches 3 inches by 6 inches

Donor must provide the plaque. Plaques can be ordered from any place that makes monuments at the donor's expense. (Plaques costs vary depending on the amount of text on the plaque).

Note: Plaques are typically placed between April and December so there is no damage to the tree roots.

Completion of these requests are weather dependent. Memorials cannot be placed when the ground is frozen.