How do I obtain a government record from Hamilton Township?

See more information on Public Records or place an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request.

For the most part, all government records are accessible to the public except those that fall under the exemptions to public access as set forth in OPRA. Examples of public records that are available to the public include minutes of public meetings, budgets, bills, vouchers, and contracts.

The New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) gives greater access to public inspection and duplication of disclosable government records. It is important to know that OPRA does not cover the judicial branch or municipal court, as they are regulated by other statutes. The public has access to government records except for those documents that fall under defined exclusions. Under OPRA, the Hamilton Township Clerk has been designated as the official Custodian of Records. 

Any record that is readily available to the Municipal Clerk will be processed at the time of the request. We will make every effort to provide access as soon as it is requested. For records that are not immediately available, the Municipal Clerk has seven business days from the time it is received in the office which houses the document to provide the information requested, deny access, or inform the requestor of the additional time it will take to fulfill the request. If the request involves a large amount of information or the information is archived, both the requestor and Municipal Clerk will agree to an extension of time.

Under OPRA, certain records are exempt from access by the public because citizens have a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding records in possession of a public agency and public safety concerns

The fee for an OPRA request: If done electronically - no fee. If an Audio of a meeting is requested, its $1 per disk, and any hard copies are $0.05 per page.

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1. How do I obtain a government record from Hamilton Township?