Is my street a County Road? If so who do I contact?

To report an issue on a county road, call 609-530-7510. You may also report any roadway issues by emailing Mercer County DOT.

List of County Roads in Hamilton

  • Part of 206 (S Broad Street from Whitehorse Circle to Church Street, excluding that portion of S Broad Street from I-195 to Highland Avenue (excluded portion known as NJ State Highway Route Number 37))
  • Arena Drive from S Olden Avenue to S Broad Street
  • Kuser Road from Hamilton Avenue to Whitehorse-Mercerville Road
  • S Olden Avenue from Hamilton Avenue to Arena Drive
  • Hamilton Avenue from City of Trenton line to Nottingham Way (NJ Route 33)
  • E State Street from City of Trenton line to intersection of Whitehead Road and E State Street extension
  • E State Street extension from intersection of East State Street and Whitehead Road to Klockner Avenue
  • Whitehead Road from East State Street extension to Assunpink Creek, excluding the bridge over Conrail tracks
  • Quakerbridge Road from Nottingham Way and Mercerville-Edinburg Road to Lawrence Township line
  • Chambers Street from Liberty Street to South Broad Street
  • Church Street from S Broad Street to Crosswicks Creek
  • Flock Road from Mercerville-Quakerbridge Road to Mercerville-Edinburg Road
  • Lalor Street from Lamberton Road to S Broad Street
  • Mercerville-Edinburg Road from Nottingham Way and Mercerville-Quakerbridge Road to West Windsor Township line
  • Nottingham Way from City of Trenton line to NJ State Highway Route 33 at Washington Township line (Robbinsville), excluding that portion of Nottingham Way from Greenwood Avenue to Winslow Avenue (Route 33)
  • Sloan Avenue from the east side of the new Cornell Heights bridge to Mercerville-Quakerbridge Road
  • S Olden Avenue from Hamilton Avenue to Arena Drive
  • Sweetbriar Avenue from Whitehead Road to relocated Sloan Avenue, excluding the Cornell Heights bridge spanning the Amtrak tracks
  • Whitehorse Avenue from S Olden Avenue to Whitehorse Circle
  • Whitehorse-Mercerville Road from S Olden Avenue to Nottingham Way
  • Yardville-Groveville Road from S Broad Street to Main Street, Groveville
  • Yardville-Allentown Road from Yardville-Hamilton Square Road to Monmouth County line (Allentown)

Note: Route 206 from Lalor Street to Whitehorse Circle is Hamilton Township responsibility.

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