What is the requirement to solicit?

Any one that solicits in the township must apply for a solicitor's permit. See Chapter 102 Sec. 102-61 Peddler and Solicitor.

To obtain a solicitor's permit, an application must be completely filled out with the original signature. Three passport photos must be included. There is a $125 fee/application. A separate application and background for each applicant is required. Once the application is received by the Clerk's office, the police will send the background check information.

If the applicant is not coming in person to drop off the application and background, it must be notarized. If the applicant is coming in person, it can be notarized at the Clerk's Office.

All documentation; Complete application, Copy of Tax Identification Certificate (Business Registration Certificate from County or State), Background Packets with original signature and notarized with 3 passport photos and $125 fee; is returned to the Office of the Municipal Clerk located at 2090 Greenwood Avenue, Hamilton NJ 08609 (bring in person or mail). Once the application and fee is received by the Clerk's Office the information will be sent to the Police and the Police will send out the background packet.

Please allow 2 weeks for the application and background to be completed before a permit can be issued.

A solicitor's license is good for one year.

Fingerprinting is not done, but background checks are performed.

Any solicitor that shows up at a resident's door should have an ID badge permit license from the township. If they cannot provide one, resident can notify the police of the situation.

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