No Knock

Solicitors Do Not Knock'No Knock' Ordinance Protects Residents From Unwanted Solicitations

Tired of unwanted solicitations at your front door? Well, thanks to Hamilton's "No Knock" registry, you now have the opportunity to stop solicitors from showing up at your door steps.

Hamilton's new "No Knock" ordinance gives residents the opportunity to prohibit solicitors, vendors and peddlers from approaching their home. Residents can simply sign up online. Only one person from a household needs to register (as only one decal will be set to a household).

As a reminder, the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of religious and non-profit organizations, as well as political campaigns, to solicit; and therefore, this ordinance cannot infringe upon those protected rights.

Someone Violating 'No Knock'?

  • Non-Emergency: call Police Division at 609-581-4000
  • For Emergencies only: call 911

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