Is the township ever responsible for installing or replacing sidewalks / curbs?

In accordance with Township Code § 435-34 through36 , the installation and maintenance of curbs and sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner.

However, when a road is being reconstructed the plans and specs are sent from Engineering to Public Works. During the reconstruction job, if the curbs are deteriorating, Public Works may consider replacing the curb. The purpose of a curb is to facilitate the drainage of the road. When water runs off the road, it follows the curb line to the next storm drain. If the curbs are to be replaced due to deterioration, Engineering will put this in the initial plans. If it is not in the initial plans, it is the responsibility of the property owner.

As for the sidewalk, this is the responsibility of the property owner. The contractor hired by the township to do the road reconstruction work may approach the homeowners while he is working on the road if he sees that the sidewalks are in poor condition. The contractor may offer the homeowner a discounted rate to replace the sidewalk. This rate is only effective while the contractor is actively working on the road. This is solely between the contractor and the homeowner. The township has nothing to do with this offer.

The only time the township will install a new sidewalk is with federal grant money. The location must warrant the installation of a sidewalk and a review is done by the Engineering Department to determine the necessity. Currently, sidewalks are being installed on South Clinton Avenue through grant money.

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