Deed plotting and records, flood certificates, tax maps, house number maps, filed maps. Design and management of capital road, sewer and flood control improvements. Review of all land development applications. Curb, driveway, sidewalk and apron permits.

The Engineering Division's mission is to preserve and improve the Township infrastructure and to ensure that private residential and commercial development is consistent with established engineering standards and conform to the Township Master Plan.

We are responsible for the planning, design and construction management of the entire Capital Roadway Improvement Program as well as the design of additional miscellaneous projects and reviewing housing subdivision and commercial developments. The Engineering Division is actively involved in various traffic and other residential concerns.

Deed Plotting

This Division is responsible for recording all changes in ownership of property in Hamilton Township. Cost of deed plotting is $25.

Curb, Apron, Sidewalk & Driveway Permits

Permits are issued in this Division for new and replacement of curbs, sidewalks and driveways. There is a fee of $30 for these permits.

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