Affordable Housing Monitoring Reports

Any interested party is invited to comment on whether the Township is fulfilling its very low-income housing obligation according to the terms of its Settlement Agreement. Comments should be emailed to Robert C. Poppert, PP/AICP, Township Planner, with a copy to Adam Gordon, Executive Director, Fair Share Housing Center. 

The Township of Hamilton, Mercer County, has issued this affordable housing Very Low-Income Monitoring Report as required by the Township’s Settlement Agreement with Fair Share Housing Center. Members of the public may arrange to inspect/obtain a paper copy of the Very Low-Income Monitoring Report by contacting Robert C Poppert, PP/AICP, Municipal Housing Liaison. Any interested party may submit comments to the Township, with a copy to Fair Share Housing Center, regarding whether the Township is complying with its very low-income housing requirement. Any comments must be received within 30 days of the March 3, 2023 posting date. 

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