Election Services

2023 Board of Elections Worker Flyer

Mercer County Voter Assistance Hotline

The Mercer County Clerk's Office has instituted a Voter Hotline via phone at 609-278-2719 and by email. Mercer County offers ballot instructions in English, Spanish, Gujarati, Polish, and Urdu. Please call or email Mercer County and they will mail or email them to you, whichever you prefer.

In-Person Early Voting

New tools are now in place to improve your voting experience. The State of New Jersey has implemented a new voter paper balloting system with a verifiable paper trail which began with the November 2021 election. This makes our state even more voter-friendly and strengthens our democracy by expanding opportunities to exercise your right to vote when it's most convenient for your schedule. Check back for details on how to early vote in the 2022 General Election. 

If you usually cast your ballot by mail, but now want to use early in-person voting early, please be aware that you must have opted out of the Vote by Mail process with the Mercer County Clerk's Office. If you did not opt out, you may not use the early in-person voting method.

If you are a current Vote-by-Mail voter and did not opt out, you may still vote in person by provisional ballot at any Early Voting Site or on Election Day instead of using the Vote by Mail method.

Vote by Mail-in Ballot Information

Track Your Ballot

Voters can now track their vote by mail ballot through the Track My Ballot Portal. First time users need to create an account and will need either a Driver's License Number, Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, or Voter ID Number to validate voter registration status. (If you don't know your Voter ID number, you can obtain it by going to "Am I Registered?" or contact your Superintendent of Elections or Commissioner of Registration). Your Voter ID number will also be on the ballot that you receive in the mail, so you can follow its progress to ensure that it was received.

Instructions for Voting Via Mail-in Ballot

  1. Mark the ballot(s) for your candidates using either blue or black ink.
  2. Complete the Certificate of Mail-In Voter envelope and sign where indicated.
  3. Insert the completed ballot in the Certificate of Mail-In Voter envelope and seal it.
  4. Insert the Certificate of Mail-Voter Envelope into the Return Envelope.
  5. Seal the Return Envelope.
  6. Return your ballot using one of the following options:
    • Option 1. Via U.S. Mail (postage pre-paid): Must be postmarked on or before 8 pm of Election Day and be received by the Mercer County Board of Elections Office on or before 6 days after Election Day
    • Option 2. Drop in one of the County Secure Ballot Drop Box: Place it in any one of Mercer County's secure Ballot Drop Boxes by 8 pm on Election Day
    • The County Board of Elections will pick up these ballots. Access a Full List of Mercer County Secure Ballot Box Locations
    • Option 3. Hand Deliver to Mercer County Board of Elections by 8 pm on Election Day (930 Spruce Street, Lawrence Township, NJ).

Your Vote by Mail Ballot cannot be returned to an In-Person Early Voting Poll Location or your Election Day Poll Location.

If you are a current Vote-by-Mail voter and did not opt out, you may still vote in person by Provisional Ballot at any Early Voting site or on Election Day instead of voting using the mail in ballot.