Autism Awareness Identification Stickers

Hamilton residents with autistic children or adults in their homes can obtain a Hamilton Police Division Autism Awareness sticker for their car and home. This identification sticker will alert Hamilton Police Officers and other first responders that an autistic person may be present.

National autism research reveals that persons with autism and other developmental disabilities are more likely to encounter law enforcement than the general population. The actions or reactions of people with autism can be misinterpreted by first responders.

The Hamilton Police Division has created this sticker to recognize the complexity of the autism spectrum and our dedication to providing advanced support to the autism community. Our police officers have been trained in basic autism awareness and this sticker will help the Hamilton Police Division better serve our community.

You can receive autism awareness stickers from the Hamilton Police Division Community Policing Section, the School Resource, or L.E.A.D. officers working in the various public schools in Hamilton. After you have received your Hamilton Police Division Autism Awareness stickers, please follow these instructions:

  • Vehicle: Place the sticker on the outside of the driver's side rear window, near the bottom of the glass.
  • Residence: Place the sticker on the front door or front door window near the exterior light.

PD Autism Badge