Crime Prevention Tips

Remember to always use 911 in the event of an emergency.

  • Do not tell strangers your daily routine or brag about valuables you own. If you are at home working outside, leave all other doors that are out of sight locked.
  • Avoid telling others about the valuables in your home. Don't make folks envious of your wealth status.
  • If you have children, discuss home security with them such as not talking with strangers about their home, its contents, or family schedules. More importantly, teach your children not to talk to strangers and not to let strangers approach close to them. Re Enforce "Stranger Danger" to them!
  • Don't invite strangers into your home.
  • Use a peep-hole (if you have one) before opening up your door to check to see who it is. Do not make yourself vulnerable to uninvited person(s) at your door!
  • Don't hide keys outside where clever thieves may guess its location. Consider giving a set to a trusted neighbor.
  • Always lock all doors and windows when leaving the house. Lock doors and windows at night before going to bed! Use deadbolt locks!
  • If you have a window air conditioner, use screws to firmly attach the unit to the window and frame with heavy-duty 3-inch to 4-inch long wood screws. Install a wood plank or jimmy bar in the window track above the top of the window that is attached to the A/C, or install a long screw/nail in the window track to prevent raising the window further.
  • Change locks when moving into a new residence. One never knows how many others have spare keys to your new home or apartment. Upgrade to pick-resistant and key bump-resistant deadbolt locks when changing locks.