Vacant Properties

Abandoned properties create a wide range of problems for the Township. From health and safety issues, increase potential for crime and diminish the values of neighboring properties.image

Currently, Hamilton Township has a policy in placed which requires owners to register their vacant property.  While this will continue to be enforced, we will introduce a new strategy. Moving forward, we will be proactively marketing our Vacant Property List, to help preserve our neighborhoods and to ensure that vacant structures in Hamilton Township are turned back into productive real estate.

If you Suspect a House is Abandoned or Vacant

If you know or suspect that the property next door to yours in abandoned please help us by contacting HAMStat at 609-586-0311 or email HAMStat and report any property maintenance issues.  Help us identify these properties so we can take action.

Looking to Purchase a Vacant Property

Investors and residents looking to purchase a vacant property can request the Vacant Property List by submitting a OPRA request or by contacting the Division of Economic Development. Click on the link below.  

Submit a OPRA request

Information for Property Owners with a Vacant Property

As per Ordinance 146-13, vacant and abandoned properties in the Township are required to register.  
Property that becomes vacant or shows evidence of vacancy shall register within 90 days of the property becoming vacant, or within 30 days of assuming ownership of such property, or within 10 days of receiving notice of declaration of vacancy.

Vacant Property Registration Form (PDF)


  • Initial registration: $500
  • Second year renewal - $1000
  • Third year - $2000
  • Fourth/Subsequent years - $3000

We welcome any questions regarding vacant properties.  Please contact our office for information about a property. 

Contact the Division of Economic Development