Snow Plow Sal / Winter Operations

Find out when your street will be plowed when snowfall is greater than 4 inches by visiting our Snow Plow Sal website.

Main roadways are plowed when snowfall is greater than 2 inches.

Winter Operations

The DPW has developed a comprehensive plan to mitigate issues that arise on Hamilton's roadways during periods of inclement weather. Depending on the severity and duration of the period of inclement weather, several roadway treatment methods may be utilized. These methods include: pre-storm brining of roadways, salting of roadways, and plowing of roadways.

Help Us Help You

When snow plows are deployed to clear roadways of snow, please refer to this Useful Guide (PDF) for clearing snow from your driveway apron. By following this method, you can help reduce the amount of snow plowed back into a cleared apron.

Please note: additional information will be posted in advance of engaging in Winter Operations, including information regarding potential snowfall, the activation of Snow Plow Sal, and other pertinent information.