Board of Public Officers


Fred DumontChairperson, Director of Community and Economic Development
Christine KukodaBoard Secretary
Janice Blakely-WilliamsDirector of Neighborhood Preservation
Samantha BrownTownship Engineer
William CallahanConstruction Official
Robert CarothersCitizen Member
Mike CosmaZoning Officer
John Kroschwitz IICitizen Member
Richard MergerChief Housing Inspector
Robert PoppertTownship Planner


The Board of Public Officers is organized to secure or demolish properties that are abandoned or unsafe for the public. Formal complaints and orders are sent to the owner of the property to make the building safe. If they do not, within a specific time, the Township takes action and places a lien against the property for all costs incurred.

Code of Ordinances

Section 2-461, amended by Ordinance 20-017

Authorized Membership

Nine members - The Board, the Chairperson of which shall be the Director of Community and Economic Development, shall have as its members the Superintendent of the Division of Engineering, the Superintendent of the Division of Planning, the Supervising Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer, the Construction Official, the Chief Housing Inspector, the Supervisor of the Neighborhood Preservation Program, and one other official appointed by the Mayor, plus two Hamilton Township residents. The Chairperson shall only vote in the case of a tie and may be counted for the purposes of quorum, if necessary.

Appointment Authority

Mayor with advice and consent of Council

Authorized Term of Appointment

At the pleasure of the Mayor