Department of Community & Economic Development

Welcome to the Department of Community & Economic Development . The Department consists of the Division of Engineering, Division of Planning, Division of Inspections, Division of Land Use, Division of Housing and Code Enforcement, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Zoning Enforcement. The Department manages and coordinates the activities of the divisions in an efficient and compliant manner.


Division of Engineering              

Richard S. Williams, PE, PP, CME, Municipal Engineer
(609) 890-3636
Fax: (609) 890-3548


Division of Land Use

Michael Guhanick, Land Use Coordinator
(609) 890-3680
Fax: (609) 890-3548


Division of Inspections/Construction Department

Bill Callahan, Construction Official
(609) 890-3666
Fax: (609) 890-4026


Zoning Enforcement

Michael P. Cosma, Supervising Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer
(609) 890-3634
Fax: (609) 890-3548


Division of Planning

Robert C. Poppert, PP, AICP, Supervising Planner

Phone: (609) 890-3674
Fax: (609) 890-3548


Division of Housing Inspection &

Landlord Compliance

Ken Skwara, Chief Housing Inspector

Phone: (609) 890-3660
Fax: (609) 587-1287


Division of Housing Authority

Janice Blakely-Williams, Director of Neighborhood Preservation
Phone: (609) 890-3677
Fax: (609) 890-3525


Division of Economic Development

Kate Kane, Associate Director of Economic Development

Phone: (609) 890-3672

Fax: (609) 890-3548


Community & Economic Development

Fred B. Dumont

Department Director

Phone: (609) 890-3627




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